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Digital Revenue Options
Filmmaker earns 50% of net revenues from selling their film (either free or paid) on our free mobile App (iPad, iPhone and iPad Mini). You may choose to sell your film from either of the following options (free or paid) and change them later anytime. Filmmakers have flexibility to select different pricing for their film. 
We allow both streaming and download of your film on iPad and iPhone. The film is protected after it is downloaded on the device. Users do not have access to the video file, they can only play it from their device and will not be able to share the physical copy of your film with others.

  1. Free: Build audience with your free film and earn Ad revenues
    • Fans enjoy interruption-free movie, after watching 15 seconds ad before the start of your film.
    • Unlimited streaming and/or download of your film.
    • Ad revenues that the filmmaker earns  
      • Short: $7 per 1000 views  (1 Ad is played)
      • Feature: $14 per 1000 views  (2 Ads are played)
    2.  Paid: Sell your film for $0.99 to your audience
    • Unlimited streaming and/or download of your film.
    • Streaming of the paid film, earns the filmmaker
      • Short: $70 per 1000 streaming views
      • Feature: $140 per 1000 streaming views

    • Download of the paid film, earns the filmmaker
      • Apple takes 30%, so our gross revenues are 69 cents.
      • Storage plus bandwidth cost is 10 cents.
      • Filmmaker earns 30 cents per film download
        • $300 per 1000 film downloads
    • Flexible pricing - Sell your film for $1.99 / $2.99 and so on.

Value Proposition for Filmmakers

  • Mobile revenues with worldwide reach.

  • Your film is protected. Users do not have access to the videos, after the film is download to the device.

  • Build audience by social marketing - reaching millions of users.

  • Build filmmakers community.
Reach out to fans to help support funding new film projects on kickstarter, indiegogo etc. 

  • Provide feedback and analytics of your film.

Digital Licensing Terms

Territory:      Worldwide
Term:           Flexible. Preferably 2 years Non-exclusive.
Rights:          Mobile, TV, PC and Websites.
Allowances:   Films may be sold on any other platform - website, DVD, TV or theatrical.
                    Submission to any film festival, worldwide.
Preferred:      Films should not be sold through iTunes or via other apps on iPad, iPhone.

Filmmakers, submit your film for consideration to

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