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Play Festival Films is a free App (iPad, iPhone) with best films from top film festivals such as Cannes, TIFF, Sundance, SXSW, AFM, Palm Springs and others; and best student films from University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles and animation films from CalArts, Los Angeles.

This Play Festival Films app contains free and paid films (short and feature films). Fans can now enjoy over 150 films in 11 genres (animation, comedy, romance, etc) on the Play Festival Films that are almost impossible to find anywhere else, including films from Cannes, TIFF and Sundance and award-winning hits such as:
   - Justin Timberlake - The Man of the Hour (1 hour documentary film)
   - Aquel No Era Yo (That Wasn't Me) OSCAR 2014 Nominee, Short Film (Live Action)
   - Overfished (Cannes 2012, Finalist at American Pavilion, Narrated by Daryl Hannah) 
   - Over The Line by Sam French, Academy Award Nominee 2013.
   - Foet (Cannes 2012, Best Horror Short at Great Lakes Film Festival)
   - Kwame (Cannes 2009, Outstanding Achievement in Direction at Directors Guild of America)
   - Lullaby For Ray (Cannes 2011) by Marina Shron.
         (a) Won Best Short Film at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) 2011.
         (b) Winner of Accolades Award 2011.
   - Death Of A Pop Star by Greg Loser - inspired by circumstances surrounding death of Michael Jackson.
         (a) Audience Award New York City Short Film Festival
   - Coons (Cannes 2008) by Chris Cloyd.
         (a) Best Nebraska Short Omaha Film Festival 2007.
         (b) Honorable mention DGA Student filmmaker awards.
   - Hunting (Cannes 2012) by Duilio Zaffaroni.
   - Once and Never Again (Cannes 2012) by Lilia Paul- Tsurkan.
   - Blindside (Cannes 2012) by Dimi Nakov.

- Random Strangers (Sundance 2012)
   - Stick Climbing (Sundance 2012) 
   - Lazarov (Sundance 2012)

Free Films
Fans can enjoy the Play Festival Films free films via streaming or download for free anytime, anywhere there is WiFi access. After watching a brief 15 second pre-roll advertisement, the rest of the Play Festival Films viewing experience is quality content that is interruption-free. You earn 2 viewing points to watch a free film.
   - Overfished (Cannes 2012) narrated by Daryl Hannah.
   - Death Of A Pop Star (Audience award New York City Short Film Festival)
   - Magpie (SXSW 2012)
   - Rain for Morgan (Winner - Best narrative short Festivus Film Festival 2011)
   - Shell Out (Animation)
   - The Funny Thing About Lois (Animation)
   - Delmer Builds A Machine (Comedy) by Landon Zakheim (SXSW 2010)
   - Departures (Best Drama NYC Brown Fish Film Festival)

To make it easy for viewers to keep watching all content for free, the app also includes a fun gaming element with points. Users automatically earn 20 points just for downloading the app, which is the amount needed to watch one paid film for free. If a user watches 10 free films, they earn 20 points (2 points for each short watched), which earns the user a viewing experience to watch one paid film for free.

Top 5 (our recommendations)

   - A Tall Tale by Brittany Biggs (Best Animation Short LA Women International Film Festival 2011)
   - Hunting by Duilio Zaffaroni (Cannes 2012)
   - Bootyful World by Avital Levy
   - My Father's Chinese Wife by Franklin Peterson (USC First Look Film Festival)
   - Ein Mal Und Nie Wieder (Once and Never Again) by Lilia Paul-Tsurkan (Cannes 2012)

Top 30
films on the Play Festival Films app are some of the paid films (only $0.99), which the user can download on their iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini, and then watch at the beach, on an airplane or anywhere WiFi is not available. "A Tall Tale" by Brittany Biggs is one of their best selling short films that should not be missed. Please note that both options (stream and/or download) requires the high speed Internet connection, i.e. Wi-Fi. We do not support any streaming or download of videos over 3G network.


Noteworthy selections

  - A Tall Tale (Animation)
  - Shell Out (Animation)
  - The Funny Thing About Lois (Animation)
  - Monsoon (Drama)
  - Coons (Drama)
  - Magellan (Drama)
  - The Ambassador's Wife (Drama)
  - My Father's Chinese Wife (Drama) 
  - Hunting (Narrative)
  - Out of Nowhere (Thriller)
  - The Peak and The Pit (Thriller)
  - Blindside (Thriller)
  - Playmates (Thriller)
  - Mind Tricks (Thriller)
  - The Broken Heart Of Gnocchi Bolognese (Romance)
  - Lullaby For Ray (Romance)
  - Bacon Wrapped Date (Romance)
  - Once and Never Again (Romance) 
  - Bootyful World (Documentary)
  - Earthship (Sci-Fi)
  - The Layabouts (Crime, Dark Comedy)
  - Yasin (Family)
  - Love In Time (Romantic Comedy)

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